Why life long learning?

New technology, increased pressure on civic funding and the changing demand for skills in workplaces are changing how we need to supply education. We believe that supporting life long learning in our communities is a critical part of a building healthy society. A culture of life long learning brings multi-faceted benefits to our world.

Lifelong learning for the economy We all need to learn to cope with an uncertain future where jobs can and will disappear. New industries will pop up and we will need the infrastructure to be able to side skill, step up, retrain, and be productive. For most people the age of ‘one career for life’ is over. We are seeing the rise of project based careers where people may change their skillsets multiple times, retraining and learning new skills as they go.

Lifelong learning in the community Real world, face-to-face learning, sharing skills and knowledge builds community resilience, social fabric, helps to create connections between people and the benefits are deeply systemic and positive in our society.

Lifelong learning is human We are learning creatures and we are living much longer. We thrive when we are learning and sharing what we know. For a healthy society full of healthy individuals we all need to keep learning through our whole lives.

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