Setting up your teachers, followers and administrators

All provider pages have three types of users:

  1. Teachers - these are the people who will be teaching your classes
  2. Followers - these are the people in your community - your learners
  3. Admins - these are the people who can administrate your provider page


These are the users who teacher your classes

How to add a teacher Click '+Teacher' in your admin panel

Then fill in the teacher details:

  • The name of the teacher
  • Their email. If the teacher already has an account with Chalkle their teacher profile will be added. If they do not have a Chalkle account - they will be sent an email and invited to create one.
  • You can then choose if you wish for this teacher to be able to publish classes or not.
    • 'Cannot Publish or Manage classes' means this teacher will not be able to see the admin panel and edit or publish classes to your provider page. You will need to manage all class details.
    • 'Can Publish and Manage classes' means this teacher will be able to create and publish new classes and edit details.

How to bulk add a teacher If you have a whole lot of teachers you wish to add at the same time - you can bulk add them.

How to edit your teacher's profile Once you have created your teachers you can also edit your teacher profiles.

Click on 'Teacher' in the admin panel - this will bring up your page of teachers

You can then click on any of those teachers to edit their profiles:

  • Add a photo
  • Give them a bio
  • Add their bank account number. Add this here if you Chalkle to pay your teachers directly.


To build your learning community you need to build your community of followers. You might already have a mailing database, or a network of support. You can add them all to your Chalkle provider page - as this will mean they will receive announcements of your new classes.

How to add followers Click '+Followers' on your admin panel Upload your csv file of your followers


You can add as many administrators as your wish - these are people that will also have full admin rights over your provider page, they will:

  • Be able to edit your provider page
  • Publish classes
  • Receive your remintance advice

How to add an admin Click '+Admin' on your admin panel Add the admins email address. If they do not have a Chalkle account they will receive an invite. If they already have a Chalkle account - this provider page will be added to their profile.

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