Setting up your provider page

Chalkle is built around supporting a suite of providers. All classes that you run will be represented on one page.

To set up your provider page you first need to login and create yourself an account.

Setting up a new Provider

Set it up

Click ‘Menu’ on the top right hand corner (when you are logged in)

Click ‘New’ - which is next Providers - which will bring you to this page.

Choosing a name

Choose a name for your provider. This may be your organisation's name or your name.

Editing your Provider page

Now you have your provider page! You can directly set up a class if you wish - or flesh out the details of your page.


You may wish to change the name of your provider or choose a more simple url for your provider page. You can also add in a description about your provider - what classes do you run, why do you do what you do?


This image will be shown at the top of your provider page - this image will also affect the colours of your provider page.

  • Choose your file Logo

You can add your logo to your provider page - your logo will be seen as the thumbnail through out the site.

Payment details

This part is important to fill out if you want to get paid :-)

  • Add in the bank acount details you wish to get paid into
  • Only if you are GST registered add your GST number.

If you add your GST number into this field this will mean:

  • GST will be added onto all of your class prices
  • Your attendees will receive a GST invoice on payment
  • The amount you get paid from Chalkle will have a GST component

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