Setting up your class

Now you are ready to set up your class!!!

To begin with - click new class on your admin panel or click 'New' next to classes in the Menu drop down.

Class or Course? The first thing you need to do is specify if you are running a class or a course.

  • Class: a one off event. Click 'Single'.
  • Course: multiple classes over different days. Click 'Multiple'.

Details Class info:

  • The title of your class
  • If the class is one off or repeating:
    • once off: You are just running this class once
    • repeating: you will be running this class again (eg every week)

Class Time:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Length of class

Learning Here you can add all the details about your class. It is best to add as much information as possible. All this information will be public and will allow your learners to decide if this class is for them.

  • Learning Outcomes
  • Class activities
  • Who the class is for
  • What the learners should bring
  • Other information

Teacher & Venue Venue information Chalkle connects with Google Maps - so start typing in your address and let google find it for you. If all the details are not listed or if there is something more specific (eg level 2 or come through the gate) add that in the venue details.

Pricing Advertised price: This is how much your learners will pay and includes all fees and tax (Chalkle fee and GST if relevant). Minimum and Maximum attendees: This sets the limit to how people can book into your class. Note Chalkle will not automtically cancel your class if you do not hit your minimum - you need to manually cancel it.

Summary Check all your details are correct! Add a photo Add any extra private information for your attendees. They will only receive this once they have booked. (Eg your phone number). Custom field: Is there any extra information you would like to get from your attendees? Eg dietary requirements, level of understanding etc

Submit class Once you have submitted your class it will be in preview mode on your provider page and only admins and teachers can see it. Check all your details are correct and then click PUBLISH!

Once you hit publish people can start booking into it and an email will be sent out to all your followers.

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