Setting prices

Setting prices is a delicate task. It’s important your pricing reflects the accessible and spirit of the community you are trying to create.

Choosing a price

There is no simple way to choose the price of your classes or workshops, in order to understand the right price there are several considerations including:

The income levels and ability of your target customers to pay for the class. The costs of putting on the class. How much time it will take to organise. How much time it will take to teach and how much the teacher will like to make from the class. The costs of promoting the class to learners and the community.

Examples of pricing models

For examples of pricing models and types of classes see the section: inspiration for new classes.

What about free classes? supports free classes and does not charge the organiser for doing them. Free classes make it accessible to everyone, but require volunteer time and also do not represent a value exchange between learners and teachers for their time. We have found when classes are free, people will sign up for the class but then ‘no show’ on the day. This can be demoralising for the teacher and organiser and ultimately hurt the long term success of the community.

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