Promoting your class makes it easy to promote your classes by dispaying them on the website with their own URL. A few people may find your class from the website, however it is also up to you to make sure interested people hear about your classes and come along.

What is the right message?

What content should you consider in your promotional message? Think about common questions that your learners will be asking themselves before they buy I ticket. What will I learn in this class? Who will I meet there? What other types of people will go? Can I bring my friends along? Would my friends want to come to this with me?

Some questions to consider as an organiser. Why should people come to your class? What is your unique angle? What makes your class different? What can people get out of the experience?

Helpful tips

Use as few words as possible in all your messaging. With any advertising or promotion, people tend to read less and less. Use images wherever possible. Make sure you include the URL link to your classes in any online promotion or write the link in a prominent place in all real world community and posters.

What is the best way to get the word out?

There are always more ways to get the word out that you have resources to do so, especially with the internet and social media channels. It’s very important to consider your audience and what will be most effective to them.

Think about your target learners and how they might currently learn about events in their area.

Some ideas to consider: Traditional methods of promotion could include posters, notice boards, newsletters in the local community. Does it make sense to create a pamphlet to drop around your local area or where your target learners will see it? What is your online presence? The internet is becoming the easiest and most common way to communicate and share information. Do you have a website, mailing list or facebook page? Connect directly. Once you have any community (whether online links or offline posters), connecting directly with people and asking them to share with their friends or networks is often the most effective Do you have budget to spend? Spending money to promote messages online on platforms like facebook or twitter can work well if you have a clear idea of specific budget and exactly who you are trying to teach.

Helpful tips

Find your champions and connectors. Who can help spread the word? Many people who already organise communities on or through local sports or cultural centres may be happy to support promoting your events to their community. Help friends bring friends. Learning is a social experience, many people maybe more likely to come to a class if they are encouraged to bring their friends along too. Friends bringing friends also helps to sell tickets! Is it helpful for work? Is your class relevant for your learners professionally? If so, could workplaces or offices in the local area or relevant sector help to spread the message?

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