Organising times, dates, people & locations

When are you going to hold your class? What is the best time and day to suit your learners?

You will need to consider what fits in with your schedule, and when your target audience is most likely to have free time. Also consider how long the class needs to be to teach the necessary skills.

Example: If you were teaching a class called “Nutrition for Newborns”, you might hold the class during the day as new parents are less likely to be working. However many other classes would need to in evenings and weekends so working people can attend.

Helpful tips

Classes that start before 10am on the weekends often clash with sleeping in and late nights. Especially for the 20 - 30 demographic. Check to ensure your dates do not clash with school holidays as these will be an especially difficult time for people with children (unless you are aiming for engaging parents in children, then school holidays might be perfect!). Ensure you consider dinner and childcare for evening classes. Beginning a class at 5.30pm can be difficult for people who need to travel after work or have children to look after. Beginning at 7.30pm will enable people to eat dinner and organise family commitments before the class but may need to travel further from home back to the class.


Choosing a location for a class can make all the difference in encouraging people to attend. Consider your target market, where they live and where will be convenient and appealing for them to arrive for the class.

Where is the best place to hold the class? How can the location add to the learning? What environment do you need to best suit the teacher and learners?

Do you need to consider things like lighting? Noise and traffic? Parking and accessibility? Weather? Heating?

Helpful tips

Many community centres, libraries and faith centres have useful space and are very welcoming of holding events and classes for local community. Think outside the box - does your class need to be inside? Can you hold your class in an open public space like a garden or boardwalk? Could you meet at a local market and ‘learn outside the classroom?’ There are many useful online resources for finding space in your area, consider:

Can you engage an existing community of learners by offering your class at a local community centre or shared office space?

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