Inspiration for new classes is your license to create! It is a blank canvas designed so you can try new things and test ideas about different ways to teach and inspire people to learn new things.

The types of classes, courses, workshops, conferences or learning events are only really limited by your imagination.

The following ways of learning are just a few ideas to help kickstart some thinking of how to create a great learning programme. These are by no means exhaustive and prices are only suggestions. They make give you some inspiration to think about different events for your community.

Taster/One-off Class

This is a great way to trial a new class idea in an accessible and low risk way. It is usually inexpensive and at an introductory skill level so anyone can attend and leave having learned something practical and applicable they can apply in their everyday life. By running a few different taster classes you can decide which classes to extend into a longer programmes

Taster classes are typically 1 ½ hours in length and might cost $15-$25. For example: A Taste of Mexican Cooking, Beginners Ukulele, Try-it-out Trapeze Class

Weekend Intensive

A weekend intensive allows learners to become absorbed in a topic and develop skills which take a longer time to learn. It is an immersive experience that gives people a deeper understanding and an expanded skill-set in their chosen area.

Weekend Intensives are typically 12-16 hours spread over a weekend and might cost upwards of $120-$200 to attend. For example: A 2-day photography skills course, Weekend entrepreneurship incubator or weekend massage workshop.

Four-week Programme

A four-week programme follows a successful taster class. It enables learners to dive into a new interest and gain new skills, perhaps working towards a final goal.
A four-week programme typically consists of four 2 hour sessions and might cost upwards from $100-$150+ depending on the skills and audience. For example: A creative writing course which leads to a finished piece of work, or a Spanish cooking course with a different dish each week.

Eight-week Course

A longer course allows learners to deepen their knowledge of a specific topic. It requires more commitment, but also means that learners can progress their interests a level further. This model suits skills which take time and practice to develop. An eight-week course typically consists of eight 2 hour sessions and might cost upwards from $200-$250 for the entire course. For example: Languages, Music, Woodwork, Photography, Accounting.

Social Event

Social events combine recreation with learning, and suit learners who want to have fun and connect with others while being educated. The skill or topic taught needs to be accessible, interesting and enjoyable. Social Events are typically 2-3 hours in length and cost $40+ to attend. For example: Social cooking classes, ‘Party with the stars’ astronomy class over an evening.

Master Class

A master class is a specialised offering taught by an expert in the field. This type of class appeals to learners who already have skills in this area, and can see the value in deepening their knowledge by learning from an expert teacher. Master classes are typically 1-3 hours hours in length and can cost $150+ (sometimes much more!) to attend. For example: A sculpture class with a master sculptor, business leadership with a prominent CEO or a specialised lecture from a visiting expert.

30 Day Challenge

This is a fun way to become immersed in a new skill and integrate it into your life. It could include a class every day, or 1-2 classes a week with set tasks to do each day. 30 day challenges typically involve a set number of classes over a month, and vary in cost depending on the skill being taught. For example: 30 days of meditation, a 30 day fitness programme, 30 days to healthier eating.

Regular Offerings

These classes can create a space for learners to keep practising their skills without an ongoing commitment. You might then initiate weekend intensives to deepen the skills developed in these classes.
Regular offerings totally vary in price - but generally on the cheaper side so as to encourage ongoing participation For example: Weekly dance classes, morning meditation sessions, life drawing.

Use your imagination!

There is no set way to run a Chalkle course, so don’t feel limited to the examples we have provided.

We’d love to hear about new ideas and ways of delivering great learning opportunities.

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