Feedback from learners

It can be daunted to get feedback from learners after a class, especially if you feel like it didn’t quite go to plan, but feedback is critical in improving your classes and better understanding your market.

As part of the chalkle system all users will get an email after the class requesting feedback to be posted publically on the class page.

We suggest reaching out directly to your learners and community and asking for direct feedback as you will then receive ideas and insight that people may not share publicly on the website.

Time invested getting feedback is valuable to help how to change and improve your classes in the future as well as ensuring your learners feel listened to and part of a community.

Feedback from teachers

If you are organising classes with other teachers it is important to reflect and gain feedback after each session from the teacher.

Some key considerations are:

Did the teacher feel prepared and have what they needed before the class to feel confident? Did the location work for the class? Were their issues with accessibility or noise or lighting? Did they learners arrive with the right set of skills and expectations to get the most from the class? Did they feel like the content worked well for the learners? What would they change / improve for next time?

Helpful tips:

Set up a retrospective process with teachers after a class. This could be as simple as a cup of coffee and conversation to reflect on what questions above after each class and discuss improvements and changes needed for next time.

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