Anyone can build a learning community

Chalkle started with the aim to connect people who wanted to teach with people who wanted to learn. By taking on the role of community organiser we helped to bring together teachers and learners with classes that engaged a community.

In doing this we saw first hand the amazing potential that learning communities hold and also felt the challenges to start, build and grow a community that served the needs of everyone involved.

This belief that with the right motivation and support anyone can build a learning community lies at the heart of our work with Chalkle.

We believe that community driven learning is a critical part of the adult education landscape and to support this we have since focused our attention on serving the needs of the community organiser.

Championing the community organiser.

The community organiser is spark of any learning community. It is the organiser who finds and encourages teachers, motivates and connects with potential learners and organises classes to bring people together. It is the organiser who drives the growth and ultimately the success of the community.

The economics of organising classes is difficult. This work often relies on the passion and commitment of a few key people to uphold the whole system for others. In well funded communities this can be paid work, in others, it may fall onto fragile volunteering systems.

Chalkle is designed to save organisers time, improve the economics of their work and lower the barriers to make it easier for more people to start learning communities.

Open principles.

Every community is different. We have built Chalkle around simple open, community principles that make it as flexible as possible for anyone to use in the way that will work for them.

  • Teacher or host takes responsibility for each class.
  • Classes to have more than 1 learner involved (social learning).
  • Events happen face to face (real world).

Beyond these principles, organisers are free to create and build communities in the ways that work best for them. Here are 5 helpful principles to consider.

Technology to save time.

Having setup and run the first chalkle learning community we recognised the common challenges and issues for community organisers and teachers in adult education. Is it a difficult job as an organiser needs to perform varied functions:

  • motivator
  • promoter
  • administrator
  • location scout
  • community connector
  • finance manager
  • recruiter
  • negotiator

The list goes on as the community grows...

Chalkle software has been built around these core needs.

Easy to setup and promote your classes

  • Set up and publish a class in under 5 minutes
  • You and your teachers set the prices
  • Learners can book and pay online
  • Optimised for mobile devices and social media sharing

Control your admin and payments

  • Chalkle can process all payments & deliver tax advice
  • Chalkle automatically sends email confirmations, receipts and reminders to learners when they book
  • Easy 1 button cancellations and auto-refunds

Build a community

  • Connect with learners on a class noticeboard
  • Profile your teachers and classes
  • Customise your community classes with your photos and branding

Learn more - in detail about the software here.


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